The Crush

Cork's Exclusive Wine Club

Join our wine club and travel off the beaten path where we hand select two bottles and introduce you to small production wineries, family owned estates, varietals hard to come by, and wines defined by their quality and not just their name.  

A great gift for the seasoned wine lover and the budding enthusiast.  Pick up is during the first week of every month with extras such as tasting notes, pairing ideas, and so on.  Email reminders will be sent out at the time of pick-up.  

  • Two bottles: Receive two red, two white or one of each
  • $40 a month.  Sign up for 6 months or 1 year
  • Pick up at Cork during the first week of the month with email reminder
  • 10% off all specialty food purchases in Cork's market
  • Complimentary two bottle wine tote
  • Exclusive weekly newsletter with additional promotions and special offers
  • Tasting sheets
I have a crush on Crush. Not only do I get to try two new wines a month-most of which I probably wouldn’t have picked up myself- but I get to support a fantastic local business! Crush is great value for money: a way to broaden your understanding of wines and winemakers: and a way to connect to your community. We’ve taken to tailoring two dinners a month around our Crush bag. . .Danielle and her staff are always glad to talk food pairings, too. I’m always surprised by the selection at Cork, and now it’s curated just for me, every month. Thanks Danielle!
— Judi Kamien, Crush Member
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