Roots 2018 recap

The Roots crew has debriefed, the numbers have been tallied, and the photos have been processed. We've come to the unanimous decision that Roots 2018 was a huge success, and we've already set a date for Roots 2019!
•The total cost for us to put on the event was $10,293.63. With the help our our generous sponsors, we were able to offset $8,064 of that number, to bring our actual out of pocket cost down to $2,229.63.

•This means only about $10 of each individual ticket price went to cover operations. The rest, a whopping $20,135.28, went directly to the Vermont Foodbank!

•The total raised in the funding drive was $11,399, all of which went to the Vermont Foodbank.

•$668 was donated from Cork retail wine sales to the Vermont Foodbank.

•The total number donated to the Vermont Foodbank added up to $32,202.28! Vermont Foodbank Donors matched $30,000 of this number, bringing the grand total raised by Roots 2018 to $62,202.28!
•We'd like to thank Dave Wilkens and Molly Pindell for hatching the idea of this fundraiser with us, in addition to hosting the event. Their Strawberry Hill Farm was the idyllic location, and the beautiful weather made it even more perfect. Dave & Molly's commitment to preparing the venue and accommodating the needs for every aspect of Roots lead to a seamless event. On top of that, Dave & Molly also participated as one of our food vendors, Sage Farm Goat Dairy!

•David Huck of Woodbelly Pizza did an absolutely fantastic job with the cow roast. From the engineering of the spit, to the preparation of the fire, and the roasting & carving, David & his crew worked tirelessly to feed the masses. We are so grateful for the unique effort it took make this happen.

•Huge thanks to all of the guests & vendors who successfully made Roots a zero waste event. The total amount of garbage from the event fit into one wine box. Everything else went to recycling or compost!

•To our vendors: we could not have pulled this event off without your participation. The food & drink proved to be delicious with every bite & sip, and gave us the backbone with which to raise money for a worthy cause.

•To YOU, our inaugural Roots supporters: your attendance at this event meant more to us than you may have realized. Because of you, we were able to give over $60,000 to fellow Vermonters who are faced with hunger daily. You are the Vermonters feeding Vermonters, and you should be proud.

Cheers & Gratitude,
The Cork Crew

PS: Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 8th for Roots 2019!


event info


WHAT: Cork is hosting a fundraiser, with the goal of 100% of proceeds going to the Vermont Foodbank’s new “Vermonters Feeding Vermonters” program.

WHEN: Saturday, June 9 from 5-9pm

WHERE: Strawberry Hill Farm, 300 Meadow Lane, Stowe VT

WHY: Hunger is an issue that hits closer to home than most of us think. It’s present in our community and is a significant issue in neighboring communities. Our goal is to bring more awareness to this problem. No fundraising efforts toward this issue currently exist in Stowe.

DETAILS: ROOTS will be a walk around tasting event / cocktail party featuring natural wines from Cork, beer & cider from breweries around Stowe, and heavy hors d’oeuvres from 20-30 of the best restaurants and food producers in Vermont. Dave Wilkens and Molly Pindell have generously donated their fabulous Strawberry Hill Farm as the location of the event. We are committed to 100% of the proceeds from the event going directly to the Vermont Foodbank. We are specifically donating the proceeds to a new program called Vermonters Feeding Vermonters. In this pilot year, the goal is to increase the amount and quality of fresh, healthy food distributed to those in need by purchasing high quality fruits and vegetables directly from Vermont growers to distribute to Vermonters facing hunger. The goal of this program is to purchase approximately 150,000 pounds of Vermont grown produce in 2018.

hunger in lamoille county

According to the 2014 Hunger in America study completed by the Vermont Foodbank and Feeding America, there are 12 Foodbank network partners in Lamoille County. The Vermont Foodbank and these agencies provide food to 24.7% of Lamoille’s population. Other information from that study on Lamoille County:

·  Population: 25,082

·  Poverty rate (2009-2013): 12.6%

·  6,200 Lamoille residents visit a Foodbank network partner each year

·  63.3% of Foodbank clients in Lamoille report having to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities.


Strawberry Hill Farm

Strawberry Hill Farm



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