Nate Root

(Cork Stowe & Cork Waterbury bartender, wine cowboy)


name: Nate root

from: Springfield, VT

why Cork:

I love Cork's connection and commitment to natural wine movement. Specifically how it it directly relates to the support of improved farming practices. Great wine begins with great farming practices.

what's your fave wine:

I'm currently in love with the easy drinking 'Film and Camera' from Folk Machine. This current vintage, 2014, Valdiguie from Santa Rosa California. Is a perfect companion for backyard BBQs and summer nights spent relaxing on the front porch. With a ton of bright red fruit notes for the palate and a lucious, smooth finish this bottle of wine is just down right sexy.


I was once bartending when a group of internationally renowned winemakers came in. I mean, these guys and gals make some of the best wines in the world, La Spinetta/Schug, and they proceed to order a huge charcuterie board, and wash it down with a round of Peroni; a light, refreshing lager from Italy. Not a single glass of wine was served. A reminder that sometimes you just want an ice cold beer, and that's ok.

and you may ask yourself, how did i get here..

I entered the wine world through the restaurant world. Sitting on the patio of The Ice House, Burlington, VT. Going through the wines for the upcoming summer season it suddenly hit me that every single bottle of wine has a story. I began paying attention and attending tastings. 10 years later I am still pouring and selling wine; and learning new stories along the way.

what is it about natural wine that draws you?

The natural wine movement interests me because it is a greater trend in the "wine world" that mirrors my own approach to wine; keep it simple and have fun. A great bottle of wine should be an expression of where the grapes were grown and the personality of the person making it. Exactly what the natural wine movement is all about.