Katie Nichols

(Wine Director, Stowe boss-lady, littlest sister)




what do you love about cork?

The natural wines, the space, the staff, the food, and the people that love us back.

What's your favorite bottle right now?

Anything fizzy....especially in magnums!

any good wine industry stories?

The Furlani Brut Natur Rose is engrained into my body! I was stocking wine in Boston and this amazing and volatile bubbly fell out of the fridge, onto the floor, exploded and basically shrapneled through my shin. 9 Stiches later, I went back to work and forever will have this lovely wine be a part of my life. 

How did you get into the world of wine?

It all started with Cork Waterbury, back when we opened in 2011.

Why you believe in natural wine?

I believe in the respect and preservation of the land, in the real people that make these wines, in the practices that prove you can do it without chemicals, and in the bottles that come day in and out of the shop that represent what natural wine is.