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Cork Stowe: Orange Wine Dinner

Cork Stowe: Our next wine dinner falls just around the Halloween holiday, so an Orange Wine Dinner seemed most appropriate! Join us at Cork Stowe on Tuesday, November 1st at 6:30pm for a wine dinner like no other. Reservations only- $55 per person (not including tax/gratuity). Call (802)760-6143 to reserve your spot. The last dinner sold out, so call sooner rather than later!
A bit about our theme:
'Orange wines are made from white wine grapes. But, as opposed to the traditional white wine process, orange wines are created by allowing the juice to sit, or macerate, with the grape skins and pulp for an extended period of time. Since many white wine grapes actually have pinkish or reddish hues, the long maceration time can give the juice a darker, sometimes orange, color. The juice also captures tannins and flavors from the skin. So orange wines not only look different than a white wine made from the same grapes would, they have a different flavor profile and mouthfeel.
Orange wines seem unusual to us and they really are uncommon these days. However, the process for making them is very similar to wine-making methods used for thousands of years. If we created a timeline of winemaking from its earliest days — roughly 8,000 years ago — to now, it is our crisp, clear and pale white wines fermented cold in stainless steel tanks that would be the aberration. And, while not all makers of orange wines eschew sulfur dioxide as Folk Machine did, that too is in keeping with ancient winemaking.'

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