Emily Belanger

she knows her wine, you guys




How did you learn about wine:

I've worked in wine shops and vineyards around Vermont before coming to Cork. 

what do you love about cork?

I love Cork because it fosters a sense of community where everyone is given to opportunity to get excited about fun and funky food and wine in a comfortable setting. 

what's your favorite bottle?

One of my favorite bottles right now is Meinklang sparkling rosé. It embodies everything cork stands for: crushable fizz by farmers, for farmers ( and those of us who feel like getting down and dirty) grown responsibly and sustainably. 

why natural wine?

Natural wine is important to me because I believe in authenticity. Real wine has a place and a person behind it, and is unique as the person drinking it. You're a person, not just a consumer; natural wine seeks to break out of the system of treating itself and its drinker as just numbers on a sheet. Also, it's delicious.