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how did you end up at cork?

I started working behind the bar at Cork Waterbury one night a week in 2012. I will admit, I knew NOTHING about wine. Danielle & Katie opened my mind to a big, big world beyond the $6.99 Yellowtail Pinot Grigio I stocked in my fridge at the time. I like to say that they ruined me (for the better)- I can't throw back grocery store garbage like I used to!

why natural wine?

I care about what I put in my body. I shop organic, and believe it's worth all the extra pennies. I don't drink chemical-laden soda, so why would I drink chemical-laden wine? That's just crazy! More on that here, if you're interested.

what's your favorite bottle?

Pipeno, for sure. It's super funky & dirty. It's so natural, it's foot stomped! Also, it's a liter bottle (an extra glass more than a regular 750ml bottle!), so you're automatically winning with this bottle. Check out this awesome video of the wine being made. The little boy at the beginning alone will make you want to try this wine!

Side note: My mom brainwashed me with I Love Lucy episodes when I was little, and this one was one of my favorites!