Ashley Carrington

Stowe wine gal by night, event coordinator by day (and other nights)


NAME: Ashley Carrington

from: A little Town in the berkshires that no one has ever heard of.

What do you love about cork?

Everything!  I was a customer who loved the food, wine, atmosphere and staff before I started working at Cork.  Now, I love all that and our customers as well.

what's your favorite bottle right now?

I can never pick just one bottle! 

For bubbles I have been loving [Domaine de la Pépière] Pepie Bulles. 

White would be [Onward] Farmstrong Field White.

Rosé would be all of it, all the time.

Red would be [Hobo Wine Company’s Folk Machine] Parts and Labor, preferably in the magnum.

what do you enjoy about working at cork stowe?

I love our local crowds but I think my favorite conversations are with those from out of town.  Being able to talk about natural wine, our slice of paradise in Stowe and what there is to do in the area is so much fun! Especially when they come back again!

how did you get into the world of wine?

Cork really.  I didn’t drink much, I knew that I wanted to drink wine properly and Cork was the place to do it.  Between the Stowe and Waterbury locations I was able to try flights and learn about what I did and didn’t like, and had staff I trusted enough to say “I need bubbles, what do you think I will enjoy.”  Being able to jump into an ocean of wine with a Cork raft made the experience so easy I went from not knowing anything to loving everything about natural wine really quickly.

why do you believe in natural wine?

Let’s face it, most things these days are not real.  Photos, television, and most of all, food.  In Vermont we really pride ourselves on the farm-to-table lifestyle most of us live every day.  There is nothing fake, or heavily altered, just nature and all her deliciowusousness. That is exactly what natural wine is.  It is people doing what they have done forever and working with Mother Nature to capture all of her hard work into a delicious glass bottle (or stainless keg).

how's the food at cork stowe?

I have always said the worst part about working at Cork is the food.  It. Is. So. Good.  It is hard to resist the urge to try everything all at once, or not order 6 Chicken Liver Mousses after a shift.  I think the two hardest things are the Zeppole’s and Fried Chickpeas, the way the waft as you deliver them to a table makes your mouth water!